The Human Equation theater show, complete with theatrical set, elaborate costumes and a high-end multimedia presentation, is headed up by Yvette Boertje (www.shadowfreaks.com) and was performed  in The Luxor Theatre in September 18, 19 and 20th 2015.

Yvette, former manager of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, has remained in contact with Arjen who in 2013 suggested that she put together a theater show for The Human Equation; a plan that they had often discussed. What began as a simple production with fans quickly evolved into a full professional show complete with Ayreon vocalists, some of whom were featured on the original album. Beside these vocalists, a number of ‘Ayreon’ instrumentalists performed, among them: Ed Warby (drums), Jeroen Goossens (flutes and woodwinds), Maaike Peterse (cello) and Ben Mathot (violin). Furthermore, Ayreon and Star One veteran Joost van den Broek is the Musical Director as well as The Epic Rock Choir who shared the stage with this incredible line up.

The Story

After being involved in a car-crash, a man has slipped into a coma. His wife and his best friend are with him at the hospital, worried that they might be responsible for what happened. Unaware of his condition, the man discovers a strange realm inside his head where his emotions have come to life. It is clear that some of them don’t want him to wake up ever again. Will he fight for his life, or give in to his physical pain and mental anguish, and die?

For more information:

www.thetheaterequation.com or check Facebook

Above: Arjen Anthony Lucassen and me at Sandlane Recording Falicities recording epic vocals for The Gentle Storm, a new band formed by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Anneke van Giersbergen.

Left: Ayreon's The Theater Equation uses substitutes for the main cast to prepare their parts throughout the year. The subs are also Epic Rock Choir members. The Me-character was performed by Dream Theater lead singer  James Labrie and I was asked to be his understudy. I met James on July 16th 2014 after the Dream Theater-show at 013, Tilburg.

In preparation of the four shows at the Nieuwe Luxor theater on 18, 19 and 20 September the Epic Rock Choir gave a special try-out show in Bibelot Poppodium, Dordrecht on the 6th of September. It was awesome, we will never forget that!!

James Labrie and the other artist arrived in Holland on September

11th and a very intense period of rehearsing at Shadow Freaks

Headquarters began. To work with James was awesome. He is

very professional, dedicated and friendly. He did an awesome job!!

A photo-impression of the four Human Equation shows at the Nieuwe Luxor theater on 18, 19 and 20 September.

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