Ayreon Universe






Arjen Lucassen:

"We had the first rehearsal with the complete cast of musicians for the Ayreon Universe try-out show! This time adding the brilliant vocalists John Jaycee Cuijpers, Jay Bodean, Robert Soeterboek, Stan Verbraak and

Jan Willem Ketelaers.


Goose bumps all over the place, what a dream team... Thanks all, this will be amazing! Johan Van Stratum, Joost van den Broek, Jeroen Goossens, Ben Mathot, Maaike Peterse, Marcel Coenen, Irene Houkes-Jansen, Lisette Marije, Paul Glandorf, Ed Warbie, Ferry Duijsens"



Ayreon Universe Try-out show - September, 1st - 2017 - 013 Tilburg





2017 will be an exciting year for Arjen Lucassen with a new Ayreon album to be released and his first Ayreon live shows ever with Ayreon Universe. In contrast to The Theater Equation, Ayreon Universe is fully organized and arranged by Arjen Lucassen personally, assisted by Joost van den Broek. “After the huge success of the four sold-out Ayreon theater shows in 2015, Joost and I decided to boldly go even bigger,” says Arjen. “This is a full-on ‘best of Ayreon’ rock show in a big venue with as many original Ayreon singers and musicians as possible. We’re calling it Ayreon Universe, and as you might guess, it’s a huge undertaking. We’ve had an entire team working on it for over a year already. Ayreon fans have high expectations, and we want to be sure to give them an once-in-a-lifetime experience that they’ll never forget.”


For more information: www.arjenlucassen.com/universe




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