Guitar by Joost Vergoossen (Symfo Classics, Kayak, Zeno)

Mother's Song (official video)







Joost Peters




Jan Vranken




Songwriter/Composer/Lyricist/Producer Jan Vranken and his colleague, Composer/Arranger/Producer Joost Peters , formed the ‘ Bridging the Divide’ recording project in 2014. Bridging the Divide started recording with a revolving cast of session musicians. They choose a new line up for every recording. Their 2016 release of ‘ Mother’s Song’ featuring Riverdogs singer and ‘ Edison’ laureate Rob Lamothe is their most critically acclaimed release so far and has built them a reputation under musicians. Their first release ‘ Something Bothering You’ featuring Argentian singer Magali Bachor became a small hit in Lebanon and got a lot of attention in West Africa.


In March 10, 2017 Bridging the Divide released their latest track ‘ Native Land’ . Musicians on this track are Ton Scherpenzeel from Kayak and Camel on keyboards, Netherlands top vocalist Martin van der Starre (Jesus Christ Superstar, We Will Rock You) on lead vocals and Helmut Krumminga , best known as lead guitarist of German superband BAP on guitars , Sjoerd Rutten on drums and Cindy Oudshoorn on backingvocals, Joost plays bass. ‘Native Land’ was mixed by Martin Merenyi and mastered by Frank Arkwright ( Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, Oasis) at the famous Abbey Road Studios and was on the playlist of many radiostations worldwide.


Now I'm very pleased to announce that Jan and Joost asked me to sing the following two Bridging the Divide-songs: "Lose your Love Again' and "Lady of Ndangane' .


We've just recorded the vocals for "Lose your love again" and it sounds awesome.

Again the line up for these new tracks is surprising and great so I'm sure that it will make fans of Classic Symphionic Rock drool.


Stay tuned - More to come!!


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Keyboards by Werner van Gool (Symfo Classics, Zeno, Pollux, Toontje Lager, het Goede Doel)

Filip Heurckmans @ Galaxy Studios, Mol - Belgium

Drums by Sjoerd Rutte (Symfo Classics, Kayak, Toontje Lager)

Recording session "Lose your love again", August 14th, 2017



Previous Bridging the Divide - releases:

Native Land (official video)



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