Clockwork is a 4 headed symphonic progressive rockband from the south of the Netherlands, formed in 2007. The bandmembers are Bas Welling (guitar), Ivo Cleven (drums), Remy Smeets (synthesizers) and Sjon Bremmer (basguitar).


In the spring of 2010 they released their self produced debute album "Dawn" and now they are set to release their EP "Unbreakable" on 25th August 2017


Their driving, theatrical and sometimes cinematic music, combined with virtuosity and sponateity make it one unique musical experience.


Due to severe hearing problems former singer of the band, Rob Bold, had to quit the band in 2014.


I knew Bas for quite a time, so when he asked me to do the vocals for this new Clockwork EP and after hearing the material I instantly agreed. Working with these talented guys was really excited and I hope you will enjoy the EP” .


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