Touch of TOTO




Touch of Toto


“Hold the Line, Rosanna, Africa, Pamela, Stop Lovin ‘You, I’ll be on You” – all songs by the American band Toto. These titles sound already familiar, and when you hear the music you will recognize the songs instantly! World class repertoire. Everyone knows these songs. But not everyone plays them.


Touch of Toto is a Dutch tribute band, that plays the songs of Toto. An eight-piece band that brings Toto songs with a passion and a groove as it is meant be. Touch of Toto plays the songs of Toto: the hits and also the lesser known songs that the real Toto enthusiasts will recognize instantly.


An evening of enjoying great music, swing and sing along – that is what Touch of Toto offers.

For more information call Luuk Nengerman: +31 6 36 182 992, sent an email to

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