Picture by Lori A. Linstruth

Ayreon's The Theater Equation used substitutes for the main cast to prepare their parts throughout the year.

The subs were also Epic Rock Choir members.

The Me-character was performed by Dream Theater lead singer James Labrie and I was asked to be his understudy. I met James on July 16th 2014 after the Dream Theater-show at 013, Tilburg.

Picture by Cristel Brouwer

The Cast with The Epic Rock Choir at the Nieuwe Luxor theater, Rotterdam on 18, 19 and 20 September 2015

After the huge success of the four sold-out Ayreon theater shows in 2015, Arjen Lucassen and Joost van den Broek decided to boldly go even bigger.

A full-on ‘best of Ayreon’ rock show in a big venue with as many original Ayreon singers and musicians as possible. They called it "Ayreon Universe".

Although I didn't participate in the actual Universe Shows I did sing in the try out show for this event on September 1st 2017 and that was awesome too.

Working with Arjen Lucassen is without doubt the absolute highlight in my career as a singer. Not only is Arjen very talented and creative, a great musician and a huge perfectionist. Besides that Arjen and Lori are the sweetest people on earth. From 2014 until today I participated in several Ayreon projects and it was awesome.

In September 2023 I finished my 6th Ayreon adventure:

"01011001 Live Beneath The Waves" @ 013 - Tilburg.

6 sold out shows in 4 days!! Read all about it at the bottom of this page, but this is how it all began...

It was June, 22nd 2014, when I auditioned for The Epic Rock Choir in Bibelot, Dordrecht and dream came true.

I met Arjen for the first time in person and I became James Labrie's understudy in Ayreon's Theater Equation. In September 2016 we did four sold out shows in Nieuwe Luxor Rotterdam with fans from all over the world. 

In the summer of 2016 another dream came true when

Arjen asked me to do guide vocals for his new upcoming album to be released in 2017.

In his studio at the Electric Castle I did the James Labrie parts and the Tommy Rogers parts and some choir parts for two songs on the album together with the ships crew: Lisette van den Berg, Will Shaw and Wilmer Waarbroek.

Late 2018 Arjen asked me again to do some guide vocals for the part of Abby’s father Abraham on the upcoming Ayreon album “Transitus” to be released in 2020.

This part was performed by Threshold drummer Johanne James and it was a great honor to do.

I also sang some choir parts together with the other villagers: Caroline Westendorp, Marcela Bovio, Lisette van den Berg, Marjan Welman, Will Shaw,

Wilmer Waarbroek and Dan J Pierson.

Two year after the great Ayreon Universe shows at 013, Tilburg, Arjen and Joost decided to do something even bigger than that. They decided to play the complete Into The Electric Caslte album and again with the original cast.

4 shows on September 13th, 14th and 15th 2019 sold out in less than a weekend.

I was very happy to participate in these shows again by singing backing vocals and standing on top of the huge castle, together with Marcela Bovio and Dianne van Giersbergen. 

In the summer of 2020 we would have performed The ITEC show once more at the Night of the Prog festival in Loreley, Germany, but unfortunately COVID hit us all.....

After 4 sold out ‘Ayreon – Electric Castle Live & other Tales’ shows at the 013 venue in The Netherlands in 2019 (attended by 12,000 Ayreon fans from 64 countries) and 3 sold out ‘Ayreon Universe’ shows in 2017, Ayreon added another exciting chapter to its live history with “01011001 Live Beneath the Waves". 

5 extremely fast sold out shows were performed at 013 - Tilburg on September 15th till 17th 2023. Again, more that 15,000 fans from over 60 countries came to Tilburg to enjoy the shows. 

This production was based on the highly acclaimed Ayreon concept album ‘01011001’, originally released in 2008. The album was performed entirely, plus a few extra songs. It was a huge live production, with an amazing stage design, stunning visuals and a unique live surround audio experience!

Together with dear collegues Irene Jansen en Marcela Bovio I did the backvocals and it was awesome again!!

Very proud to be a part of this!!

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