On this page I made an overview of all albums I participated in, in one way or another!!

Ayreon - 01011001 Live Beneath The Waves (2024)

  • Backing vocals

    Magoria - Hollingsworth Mansion (2024)

    • All male guidevocals 
    • •Lead vocals on “New Estate”, “I Can’t Restrain Her Anymore”, “When Our Time Will Come”, “Leave Us”, “The Time Has Come”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and         “Die For The Love Of Your Life”

    Redstacks - The Promise (Single, 2023)

    • Lead and Backing vocals

    Powerwolf - Call of the Wild (2021)

    • Backing vocals

      Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Homebound (2020)

      • Backing vocals on “Our Home”

      Knight Area - Dday (2019)

      • Lead and Backing vocals
      • Lyrics

          Michael Riesenbeck - Toto Fanfields (2018)

          • Lead Vocals on “With a little help from my friend” and “Kingdome of desire”

          Clockwork - Unbreakable (2017)

          • Lead and Backing vocals

          Magoria - When Our Time Has Come (Single, 2024)

          • Lead and Backing vocals

          Redstacks - Revival Of The Fittest (2022)

          • Vocals on “Jealousy”, "Dreamworld Junkie" and "Vortex" 

          Ayreon - Electric Castle Live & Other tales (2020)

          • Backing vocals

            Magoria - Jack the Ripper 1888 Rockopera (2019)

            • Lead vocals on “Prince Albert Victor ‘Eddy”, “Let her be safe” and “Annie Crook”
            • Backing vocals on “Whitechapel”, “Day by Day” and “Freedom of London”

                  Shadowrise - Shadowrise (2018)

                  • Backing vocals on “Cursed” and “Hellheim”

                  Bridging the Divide - Lose your love (2017)

                  • Lead and Backing vocals

                  Ayreon - The Theater Equation Live (2016)

                  • Backing vocals (The Epic Rock Choir)

                  Jan Willem Ketelaers - Which way to…(2013)

                  • Lead and Backing vocals
                  • Music and Lyrics

                  Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Empty (2024)

                  • Backing vocals on “The End of The Run” and "Black & White"

                  Knight Area - Dday II - The Final Chapter (2022)

                  • Lead and Backing vocals
                  • Lyrics

                      Ayreon - Transitus (2020)

                      • Guidevocals for Johanne James
                      • Vocals on “Condemned Without A Trial
                      • Leadvocals on disc 4 of the earbook - Guide Vocals

                      Into the Open - Destination Eternity (2020)

                      • Lead and Backing vocals
                      • Music and Lyrics (with Sander Heerings)

                                We are breaking the chains (2018)

                                • Lead and Backing vocals on “Breaking the Chains” and “Silent Wind”
                                • Breaking the Chains - Music (with Bart Hennephof) and Lyrics
                                • Silent Wind - Lyrics (with Bart Hennephof)
                                • Solid Ground - Lyrics

                                Ayreon - The best of Ayreon Universe Live (2018)

                                • Lead vocals at Ayreon Universe Try out show, Sept 1st 2017 - “Dreamtime”, “Waking dreams”, Ride the Comet”, “Comatose”, “Computer Eyes” and “Love”

                                Ayreon - The Source (2017)

                                • Guide lyrics for James Labrie and Tommy Rogers
                                • Backing vocals on “Journey to forever” and “Aquatic Race”

                                Dutch metal for serious request 2014

                                The Power of love (2014)

                                • Backing vocals (The Epic Rock Choir)

                                The Gentle Storm - The Diary (2015)

                                • Backing vocals (The Epic Rock Choir) on “Shores of India, “Endless Sea” and “The Storm”

                                Classic Rock Show-Legends never Die live (2013)

                                • Lead and Backing vocals