On this page I made an overview of all albums I participated in, in one way or another!!

Kristoffer Gildenlow - Homebound (2020)

  • Backing vocals on “Our Home”

Knight Area - Dday (2019)

  • Lead and Backing vocals
  • Lyrics

      Michael Riesenbeck - Toto Fanfields (2018)

      • Lead Vocals on “With a little help from my friend” and “Kingdome of desire”

      Clockwork - Unbreakable (2017)

      • Lead and Backing vocals

      The Gentle Storm - The Diary (2015)

      • Backing vocals (The Epic Rock Choir) on “Shores of India, “Endless Sea” and “The Storm”

      Ayreon - Electric Castle Live & Other tales (2020)

      • Backing vocals

        Magoria - Jack the Ripper 1888 Rockopera (2019)

        • Lead vocals on “Prince Albert Victor ‘Eddy”, “Let her be safe” and “Annie Crook”
        • Backing vocals on “Whitechapel”, “Day by Day” and “Freedom of London”

              Shadowrise - Shadowrise (2018)

              • Backing vocals on “Cursed” and “Hellheim”

              Bridging the Divide - Lose your love (2017)

              • Lead and Backing vocals

              Ayreon - The Theater Equation Live (2016)

              • Backing vocals (The Epic Rock Choir)

              Ayreon - Transitus (2020)

              • Guide lyrics for Jahann James
              • Backing vocals on “Condemned Without A Trial

              Into the Open - Destination Eternity (2020)

              • Lead and Backing vocals
              • Music and Lyrics (with Sander Heerings)

                        We are breaking the chains (2018)

                        • Lead and Backing vocals on “Breaking the Chains” and “Silent Wind”
                        • Breaking the Chains - Music (with Bart Hennephof) and Lyrics
                        • Silent Wind - Lyrics (with Bart Hennephof)
                        • Solid Ground - Lyrics

                        Ayreon - The best of Ayreon Universe Live (2018)

                        • Lead vocals at Ayreon Universe Try out show, Sept 1st 2017 - “Dreamtime”, “Waking dreams”, Ride the Comet”, “Comatose”, “Computer Eyes” and “Love”

                        Ayreon - The Source (2017)

                        • Guide lyrics for James Labrie and Tommy Rogers
                        • Backing vocals on “Journey to forever” and “Aquatic Race”

                        Classic Rock Show-Legends never Die live (2013)

                        • Lead and Backing vocals

                        Jan Willem Ketelaers - Which way to…(2013)

                        • Lead and Backing vocals
                        • Music and Lyrics

                        Dutch metal for serious request 2014

                        The Power of love (2014)

                        • Backing vocals (The Epic Rock Choir)

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