‘Yet something walked, along the stair, something that was, and wasn’t there’

In 2020 Mark Bogert's Magoria succefully released their first Rock-Opera "Jack The Ripper 1888". 

The release of the album was accompanied by a sold out live show at Bibelot - Dordrecht in Nov '20. 

But now, after nearly 4 years, Magoria is about to release it's second album: Hollongworth Mansion!!

On March 30th, 2024, the new album will be played entirely at Bibelot - Dordrecht

We'll see you there!!

JTR 1888 was Magoria's first Rock-Opera - released in 2020

We will play it once one time on November, 2nd 2023 @ De Lawei - Drachten


The Autumn of Terror Begins

Jack the Ripper is a pseudonym given to a serial killer who lurked in the impoverished districts of London's east end in the autumn of 1888. The nickname was derived from a letter written at the time of the killings by someone who claimed to be the murderer. Although there have been many suspects in the case and theories discussed, the actual identity of the killer and the motives behind the grisly crimes are unknown even to this day.

Mark Bogert is the founder/guitarist/composer of this new Progrock-Opera called ‘JtR 1888’.

It is one of his dreams to write, record and perform a concept album. Musicians who participate on this album are Rodney Blaze, Inge Rijnja, Cleem Detemeijer, Zora Cock, Harmen Kieboom, Maria Catharina, Koen Stam, Peter Vink, Mirjam van Doorn, Nadine Pruim, Matthijs Kieboom and Peter Strykes!!

"Working together with great musicians, vocalists, an orchestra and a choir

will make this project extra special". 

Mark Bogert: “I think this is going to be a huge project. I am very fascinated by the story of Jack the Ripper and can’t wait to work with the other musicians to get this beyond all expectations!”

We already did the show three times,

but there's more to come.......

For more information:

On November, 7th 2020 we did the only show so far, but after COVID we will be back

Recording session at Prosound studios - Dordrecht, August, 10th, 2017

Cast f.l.t.r.:

Jan Willem Ketelaers (Prince Albert Victor) - Maria Catharina (Mary Jane Kelly) - Inge Rijnja (Catherine Eddowes) - Zora Cock (Story Teller)  Harmen Kieboom (Drums) - Mark Bogert (Guitars) - Koen Stam (Keys) - Peter Vink (Bass) - Mirjam van Doorn (Queen Victoria)

Nadine Pruim (Annie Crook) - Peter Strykes (Inspector Abberline) - Rodney Blaze (Jack the Ripper)

Mark Bogert